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OMNIA (Official) - Fee Ra Huri

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Feuer Der Wahrheit
Veröffentlicht auf 16 Juli 2022 / Kategorie Musik

For more info visit us at: http://www.worldofomnia.com

Watch in full screen HD! - This song was originally intended to be called "the Bilbo Boogie" but due to copyright law we decided to call it Fee Ra Huri instead (but we won't tell you what it means...hehehe!)

This video was filmed in Köln (D) during the "OMNIA I don't Speak Human Tour". This track is taken from the new OMNIA Live Album "Live on Earth". You can buy it here: http://bit.ly/RzYhgt

Music & lyrics Steve Sic & Jenny Evans van der Harten
All music & publishing rights ©PaganScum

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