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Bau einer Kleinen Blockhütte aus todholz komplett in 120 min | Working OFF GRID

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Veröffentlicht auf 14 Juli 2022 / Kategorie Wissen & Sonderthemen

In this video, the complete construction of our (Ipatych and Mikhalich) cozy LOG CABIN from dead wood in a Siberian Forest far from people and civilization

Another year of hard and what at times feels like endless work. It's when I look back at the end of the year and realize the progress I've made so far. . Doing everything DIY for sure is taking a lot more time and work, but the satisfaction of seeing something grow built by your hands it's an indescribable feeling and I take great pride in doing it my way.
Hope you enjoy the video and thank you very much for watching and thanks to everyone that has been following my progress and supporting my channel. Especially a big thank you to everyone who helped me along the way

This is not a video to teach you how to build a log house.

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00:00 Preparation of logs for the log house
00:40 Marking the area
01:00 Preparation of logs for the log house
05:30 Log building
09:23 Swimming in the river
10:09 Building a log house
17:08 Bathing in the river
17:34 Building a log house
19:23 Do-it-yourself board making
21:20 Build the roof and ceiling of the Log Cabin
33:44 We build the floor of the Log Cabin
35:38 We put the stove in the Log Cabin
38:35 We build the floor of the Log Cabin
40:17 We build the door of the Log Cabin
43:14 Building beds in the Log Cabin
45:02 Insulating a log cabin
45:15 Log cabin table
46:26 Making a window in a log cabin
47:39 Internal work in the house
48:56 Building a terrace in a log cabin
51:39 Interior work in the house
52:41 Ceiling insulation
53:22 Building a workbench
01:01:53 Dismantling the house
01:05:17 Making the log cabin taller
01:19:30 New door to the log cabin
01:21:08 We cover the roof with corrugated board
01:27:30 Increasing the area of ​​the terrace
01:37:00 Closing the gables in the log cabin
01:41:43 Sewerage in a log cabin
01:42:43 Closing the terrace with boards

#logcabin #offgrid #outdoorcooking

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